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About us

Best Practice Solutions
We provide an extensive, flexible solution, tailored to the requirements of our customers. Our clients don’t require various providers managing their IT. Instead, they have a single point of accountability for all their Technology problems.

Strategic Advantage Support
Our clients can focus on accelerating the delivery of critical initiatives to achieve strategic advantage in their own markets. Rasha Consulting, LLC is an expert in managing IT systems; we exclude the need for our customers to spend time with the everyday distractions of poor systems availability and stability.

Higher Levels of Service
Within the first two to five months of outsourcing with Rasha Consulting, LLC our customers realize significant increases in their overall systems stability. We offer exceptional support! In fact, almost 80% of all issues are addressed while the client is still on the phone. This translates to efficiency, productivity, and sustainability for our customers.


Our process

1. Contact | Schedule

The first step is to contact Rasha Consulting.  You can do this by placing a call or completing our online contact form.  Once your request has been received, we will promptly return your call to schedule either a phone conversation or an onsite visit, depending on your needs.

2. Evaluate and Advise

After the initial meeting, your dedicated technical consultant will propose a solution that is both efficient and cost effective for your business.

3. Support

Once all initial issues have been resolved, you can count on Rasha Consulting to provide ongoing and proactive maintenance, monitoring, and technical support for you and your staff.